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Carol also known as C-Low, Carro and Ms. C. 21. Female. Obsessed with TV shows. ♥ Photosop. Making icons. Capping. Web design. Photography. Movies. Music. Wrestling and Football. Has a weakness for hot men and the color red.

Angela aka Ang. 25. From NC. Loves TV. making icons. ♥ Wrestling. Web Design. Photoshop. Music. Football. Photography. Music.

You can find television show captures, movie trailer captures, music video captures, photoshoot video captures, icons of various things, some banners and possible tutorials. Always welcomed is questions about my graphics. I'm more than happy to answer them. Icon requests will likely occur, so be sure to join in.

If you choose to use any of my icons or captures, a simple credit would be VERY appreciated.

randy orton, chris pine, jessica szohr, jared padalecki, walton goggins, james maslow

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